PCB Fabrication And Manufacturing Process

A PCB or Printed Circuit Board is used to electrically connect electronic components. This is done so by etching traces of copper from the board so as to create conductive pathways for circuit connections.

PCB AssemblyA printed circuit board is composed of a conducting layer which is made of thin foils of copper. The insulating layer is laminated with resin (epoxy) prepeg onto a non-conducting surface. The board itself is usually coated with a green solder mask. The mask can also be colored red or blue. You can choose from a number of dielectrics, depending upon your circuit requirements. Manufacturers of electronic products can either do the process of PCB fabrication in-house or contract a third party specialist. PCB is also called Printed Wiring Board or PWB.

Types of Boards

1. Breadboard

This is used in making temporary circuits, usually when trying out a new idea. This board type does not require soldering and all the components may be used again afterwards. It is quite simple to replace the components and change the connections.

2. Stripboard

Stripboard is a permanent type of board. It is soldered and has parallel bands of copper tracks on either side. Stripboards can be cut using a hacksaw or can be simply snapped along the hole lines by placing it on top of the edge of a table and pushing it down hard.

3. Printed Circuit Board

Pcb fabricationPCBs have copper tracks that connect the holes where the electronic components are placed. These boards are specially designed for each circuit. Since the process of PCB fabrication and assembly requires first-rate equipment, it is not recommended for beginners unless the board is already provided.

The Etching Process

Most printed circuit boards are made by putting together layers of copper on the entire substrate, occasionally on both sides. The unwanted copper is then removed by means of mask application and only the required copper traces are left. The etching process is typically done with chemical solutions such as ammonium persulphate, ferric chloride, or hydrochloric acid.

There are different ways to prepare the board prior to the etching process:

1. Direct Draw

You can place a pattern on the board by manually drawing it, an approach called direct draw. You can use a resist pen in drawing your circuit or you can also draw with specialty tapes. Layout the traces of your circuit directly onto the board’s copper surface.

2. Photographic

PCBThis method produces high-quality PCBs quickly, consistently, and efficiently, especially in producing professional board prototypes. In this method, use a resist material to cover the board when exposed to UV light. Create a positive UV-translucent film of your pattern that is opaque where the circuit trace is to be placed, and clear where there is no trace. After making the photo film from your art work, place it on the photo-synthesized board. The light transfers through the clear sections of the film and treats the photo-resist. After that, soak the board in a developer bath where the photo-resist will be removed. The resist that remains will be in the shape of your circuit drawing. The main advantage of this method is its accuracy and neatness of the traces. You can re-use the same film to create additional boards.

Send-out Method

For the development of PCBs for mass production, it is a must to send the data to a board house. This method is slow and costly but the result is topnotch. The PCBs will have a solder mask, fine traces, plated-through holes, and all other amenities.

When sending the files which contain the actual data that will be used to manufacture the boards, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the board house you are sending it to. The data typically include the drawings for the PCB fabrication and assembly, layout file, and the drill file.

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Custom Military Coins – From Start To Finish

Military coins have been widely used to foster brotherhood, represent unit identity, and recognize excellence. It is also a great way to encourage individuals for their professional, as well as personal accomplishments. Whichever branch of the military services you are in, we can create unique designs for you and make sure your military coins are something each member of your unit can carry with pride.

Military Coins

Our team of talented graphic artists is consistently dependable when it comes to customizing coins of high-quality and distinction. Whether you already have an existing design that you wish to recreate or you want us to make an entirely new one, we can handle it all for you. We offer free artwork and design and will not stop revising until we get the exact design that you want.

Military coins are not just keepsakes, they are a symbol of service, bravery, and integrity of your dedicated men and women. We understand this and as such, we make extensive effort to provide you with the best products and most reliable services.

Free Quote and Artwork

custom challenge coinsSimply fill out our free online quote form and we will contact you within 24 hours regarding your request. Remember, we do not charge for artwork and design and there is absolutely no obligation to buy. If you’re not satisfied with the initial proof we sent you, we can make countless revisions until we get the exact design that you want, at no additional cost. You can also be in touch with us if you want further information. Our friendly customer support team will be more than happy to assist you with all your concerns.

The Coin Designing Process

We have made this process fun, fast and easy! You simply have to:

1. Send us your ideas

We accept drawings, scans, adobe files, images, or even just descriptive paragraphs.

2. Choose your coin shape

We can fashion almost all shapes with no extra fee.

3. Choose a metal style

We offer more than 8 unique metal styles. Choose one that suits the character of your unit.

4. Choose your options

We have a full range of additional options—from special coatings, attachments, effects, packaging and more!

Metal Styles

We offer a wide array of metal styles to suit your specific coin needs. Choose from our free standard options including black nickel, polished brass, polished silver, polished copper and polished gold metal. We also have additional finish options including antique silver, antique brass, antique copper and antique gold. With these several great options, you will surely find one that can perfectly represent your unit.

Coin Shapes

Custom CoinsWith our unique and innovative mold process, we are able to create just about any shape for you at no extra cost. Besides traditional circles, we can shape coins into squares, polygons, stars, emblems/insignias, dog tags, or any unique shape that you want. The custom coin shaping process has become easier and can accommodate more challenging coin requirements.

Additional Options

We aim to deliver the best military coins for your entire unit or department. For this reason, we offer a full range of additional coin options to ensure all your specifications and preferences are met. If you want translucent enamel, sequential numbering, engraved texts, custom cut edges, or any other attachments, we will take care of it.

Here is a list of additional options you can take advantage of:

• Diamond Cut Edges
• 3D Designs
• Epoxy Coating
• Custom Coin Shape
• Coin Cut-outs
• Sequential Numbering
• Keychains
• Bottle Openers
• Offset Digital Print
• Engraved Rim Text
• Velvet Bags
• Velvet Boxes
• PVC Pouches
• Translucent Enamel
• Coin Capsules
• Duo-tone Metal
• Tri-tone Metal
• Antique Finishing Effects
• Custom Inserts

The options are seemingly endless! We understand how highly military coins are valued among all military units and that’s why we endeavor to bring you only the best and nothing else. If you’re looking for other features that aren’t mentioned here, feel free to contact us and we will strive to incorporate other elements that you want for your custom coins.

Dressed to Thrill in The Golf Course

Their golf game could be the best in the world, but could they be the best dressed too? Here is a list of golf pros and their golf fashion info.

Hole Number 1 Par 5

Tiger Woods has a sleek stylish fashion that complements his built. Usually he just goes for the T shirt with his sponsor’s logo in it. During the first three days he puts on a black, white or once in a while a blue shirt. On the last day of the tournament, the color definitely has to be red.

Hole Number 2 Par 3

The Irish born Rory McElroy who is now the world’s number one golfer and joined Nicklaus and Woods in the elite three major wins at age 25, gears up with his cozy shirt with a shade of gray or blue and slacks complete with a shiny belt buckle. Throw in a hat or two of different colors to complete the ensemble. He has the same sponsor as Woods, who coincidentally was world number one for quite some time.

Hole Number 3 Par 4

9-time major winner Gary Player of South Africa looked elegant in his entire black golf apparel every time he went out on the course. The Dark Knight as he was called because of his chosen style was the third player to conquer all four major tournaments of golf otherwise known as the Grand Slam of golf.

Hole Number 4 Par 5

Who could get away with wearing cartoon characters as a design on their trousers? The answer is power hitter John Daly. Daly’s fashion style on the course as analysts would say, was like he was about to go to bed wearing pajama like pants with loud designs.

Hole Number 5 Par 3

Solid as his game play is Phil Mickelson’s choice of clothing to wear on the links. Usually in dark color shirts and slacks, Mickelson also makes sure to bring his contagious smile with him especially when he hits good shots.

Hole Number 6 Par 4

Masters Champion Freddie Couples has a knack of wearing white cotton shirts with his sponsor’s name on it. Brown slacks are the usual combination for the gentleman from Seattle Washington. Since the golf apparel of his choice seems so comfortable to wear, it seems to have a lasting effect on his golf swing that it has been praised so many times by commentators for being so smooth and relaxed.

Hole Number 7 Par 4

A famous designer’s signature striped shirts are the fancy of Couple’s favorite team mate during the World Cup of Golf, Davis Love III. Just like his partner, Love likes to keep it plain and simple while on the course. Slacks and a ball cap add to the outfit of the professional golfer who never left the top ten lists for eight consecutive years.
Hole Number 8 Par 5

Golf heart throb Camilla Villegas of Colombia looks like he always stepped out of a men’s magazine. Loud colors sometimes are the choice of the golfer who turned professional in 2004. His clothes are tailor made for him by a famous designer from Sweden.

Hole Number 9 Par 3

One of the most memorable golf apparel worn by any professional player was that of the late Payne Stewart. By reviving a thing of the past, Payne Stewart made his way to the winner’s circle when he decided to change his golf apparel.

golfShifting from the traditional attire to the classic knickers which were used during the earlier days of golf, Stewart started to win tournaments left and right. The player who has won three major championships changed the golfing fashion world when he consistently wore plus fours and what is known as a newspaper boy’s cap.

It was a welcoming sight to the public as they may have grown tired of seeing the same type of golf apparel from the players who played more for prestige than for money. Even the football league decided to join in by contracting the golfer who was born in Springfield Missouri to wear the team color of the state he was playing in.

Stewart’s fashion sense could have continued had he not tragically been killed when the plane that he was riding lost cabin pressure and crashed in a field in South Dakota after losing fuel. Gone are the days when players just amazed the spectators with their precision shot making, they also must be dressed to thrill!

Choosing the Right Type of Keynote Speaker for Your Event

When planning a special event or company meeting, picking the keynote speaker to start off the program can be just as important as the theme, timing, and venue for the event. Not all conferences may need the services of this speaker, who usually appear to be thought leaders, best-selling authors, or subject matter experts, a lot of them vow to improve executive summit meetings, training programs, and team-building practices.

In general, meeting organizers or executives hire motivational speaking presenters when they want to set a certain tone for their meeting, motivate teams by giving out influential insights, or rouse interest in events.

Types of Professional Speakers

keynoteProfessional speakers are hired to present keynotes, seminars, workshops, or breakout meetings at international events and assemblies. There are different options on almost all topics, such as education, sales, marketing, management, leadership, customer service, diversity, teamwork, etc.

A keynote speaker may also bring conventional performance skills to the event like a flair for eye-catching stunts, drama or comedy. Their style of speech ranges from informative to fascinating, and sometimes even outrageous. They all aim to offer motivational, inspirational, or attention-grabbing presentations that challenge companies and individuals to raise the bar professionally and personally, view the world from new perspectives, and overcome difficulties.

There are standardized speeches, but professional speakers are most efficient when they offer customized presentations designed for the business, which would help put the audience in the right mental condition and would provide attendees with advice that they instantly act on. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, begin by considering the responsibility the speaker would have for the program because there are many types of keynote speakers, including:

•    Inspirational Speakers
•    Motivational Speakers
•    Educational Speakers
•    Corporate Speakers
•    Futurists and Trend Experts
•    Thought Leaders and Authors
•    Training and Development Professionals

Ask this question: Which one is the most suitable for the viewers and program? Then, consider the goal you want to accomplish, and why you want to get a speaker, with common objectives, such as to:

•    Inspire
•    Motivate
•    Educate
•    Inform or Entertain
•    Promote Awareness
•    Drive Change and Growth
•    Drive Professional or Personal Development

Role of Keynote Speakers at Events and Meetings

speakerSpeakers play different roles at events, as determined by the specific needs of the client, but some of the common responsibilities of a keynote speaker are:

1.    Set the tone for new business ventures, ideas, or programs, and provide a message that strengthens the theme of the event.

2.    Motivate, excite, and engage the audience, and help raise awareness and interest for issues and events.

3.    Inspire individuals, teams, and the whole organization to increase their level of performance, and encourage them to undertake beyond seeming limitations.

4.    Offer professional insight into growing global issues, trends, and business markets that affect both individuals and business enterprises, and provide viewers a peep at what the future may offer.

5.    Provide training seminars and workshops that teach new insights, abilities, and talents to the organization, and encourage positive learning transfer.

Tips on Planning Events

Aside from figuring out the right type of keynote speaker to start off your event, these practical tips would also help you. Begin by confirming a date, time, location, venue, and budget for the event, and planning which professional speakers could offer services for both the industry and field. Consider also the type of speech you would like to provide to your viewers, and in what form the message would be best delivered, such as workshop, master class, seminar, inspirational morning kick-off, after-dinner presentation, etc.

Media Signage and Media Sign Pro

Having a product or service to sell is a great way to earn money, but if you cannot sell them, your product will just go to waste. Advertising it will be the best way for you to sell your product. There will be a lot of ways to advertise, but advertising online is one of the great ways to do it.

One way to advertise is with media signage. This is when you create an advertisement, and is posted in public, for everyone to see. Nowadays, a media signage can be either just a large poster, or if you are to take advantage of it, you can try posting something through a digital signage.

Media Signage and Media Sign Pro

Unlike a conventional means of advertising, using a media signage through digital means will put a lot of content into your advertisement; this works best when promoting new products. Uploading the digital advertisement is faster since there will be no physical media to be handled.

Media signage through digital means is also an attention-grabber. An item that is moving will get someone’s eye faster than seeing just something that is static in, let’s say, a conventional billboard. It can also allow someone to get “involved” in the product, allowing them to see it in a more personal way.

In creating a digital signage, you will need special software to help you. Media Sign Pro for Mac is a new program that will help in creating an awesome digital signage, but will not require an expert to be able to use it.

This software, created exclusively for Mac, helps in creating a digital signage, no matter what kind it will be. It is user-friendly, with a simple interface that one can learn and navigate through easily, and work will be quick and hassle-free. Once a signage is made, rendering it is quick; no need to wait for long hours to prepare the signage that you have created.

With this software being advertised as easy to use, one will also need a powerful but simple system to use it with. Being fast will also save money, and will also allow one to be flexible with making or editing a signage in the future. With that, the Media Sign Pro is made exclusively for the Mac OS.

A Mac is known to be a powerful computer, at a reasonable price, and they claim that their operating system is stable and secure. This also helps in making the Media Sign Pro easy to use and will be more efficient in making a signage, allowing one to save money and not spend a lot of time waiting for the end product. The digital signage that you make can be updated easily when you make any changes with the information presented, and all of this is possible with the use of a Mac.

Being that the Media Sign Pro is run on a Mac, security will not be an issue. There will be no need for anyone to keep a constant maintenance on the system. The system will be so secure, you can just leave it and not expect any issues, unlike other systems wherein you will need IT personnel to maintain and fix your system. Constantly getting software and operating system updates and scanning for viruses will not be needed in a system run by a Mac. Media Sign Pro also has a lifetime license; you will not need to pay extra to continue using this software.

Advertising is your key to success, and the first step in getting to success is finding the suitable means of getting that key. Media Sign Pro will help you greatly in setting up that media signage that you will need.